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About Captain Movers

In 2000, Eli Yamin--a former platoon commander in the Israel Defense Forces--decided to launch a unique breed of Moving and Storage Company. One with the DNA of the world's most elite military force.

Joined by an exceptional team led by former IDF tank commander Ron Ullman battle- tested veterans created Captain Movers based on a set of key principles designed to achieve unprecedented levels of customer service.

Drawn from the company's military heritage, Captain Movers bases its highly refined, precise, strategic approach to Excellence on the following core beliefs:

  • Our job is not to move people or companies, per se, but instead to assist them during periods of change.
  • On the job, there is no such dividing line as bosses and workers. Just as on the IDF battlefront, leaders must take an active role in training personnel on. The Captain Movers Way and demonstrating their active, hands-on participation in assuring an exceptional Customer Experience.

There is no such thing as something that "can't be done." No matter how complex the moving or storage issue, we MUST find a way to solve it to the customer's delight.

At the traditional moving company, trucks, dollies and schedules are the primary currency.

At Captain Movers, it is Pride above all else.

Free Moving Quote & Storage!

Call us with questions about quotes or storage options at 844-208-1233 or by filling out the form. Also inquire about how you can receive a month of free storage!
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