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From the moment I contacted Adam I felt secure and confident... he was patient and reassuring, and quoted a price that was lower than his competitors. In spite of the horror stories I have heard from friends who have gone with other movers, in the end this price was consistent with what we paid. The movers worked incredibly hard. They took our apartment by storm, packing us up diligently and thoroughly. All of our belongings made it through the move unscathed, each box and piece of furniture placed in the corresponding room from which it came. Captain Movers is the moving company we will continue to recommend, and use again ourselves for our next move within the next two years.
- Danielle G.

Your guys did a wonderful job getting us into our new home. They worked all day and late into the night. I was very nervous about using a moving company as you know!! The last time we moved I did it all myself with help from friends and family, (I was also 15 yrs younger ). I called in a few companies and not one of them offered what you did, from you being confident and showing me that you were more concerned about me being comfortable with everything. Pricing was right on also.

The guys were very professional and respectful with my family and things. As a business owner myself it's always a pleasure to work with a company that puts there heart into everything they do.

Thanks again
- Joe V.

Simply put, Captain Movers are amazing. From the initial call to arrange the move, Adam was helpful and insightful. Gave very economical quotes and most importantly assured us that our move would be a smooth going transition.

The day of the move, the movers arrived 15 minutes earlier. In parties of 2 they worked in tandem and fairly quickly, wrapping each breakable item. They had the entire 2-bedroom apartment ready to go to our new location in record time. Even with the two separate service elevators needed to get to the ground floor, one to get to the first level and then a quick shift down another corridor to the second elevator to reach the ground street floor, they were quick and efficient. Every worker smiled pleasantly each time they returned to retrieve more stuff.

The move was done so effortlessly that I have recommended them to my friends and business associates. Also, they offer a full storage facility in Perth Amboy NJ, which was great during our temporary move to renovate our entire apartment.

I would highly recommend them to everyone especially anyone in the NYC area, as they are well prepared for every eventuality, between building requirements to parking alone that can occur in the high traffic bustle any city especially NY usually has.

From soup to nuts, Captain Movers is second to none. Their professionalism along with prompt, accurate and friendly workers made both our moves a pleasurable and stress free experience.

Thank you to Adam and his staff!!

- Raphaela C.

Dear Captain Movers,

In early January I scheduled a move through your company explaining some of the difficulties that might occur during moving day. I met up with one of your employees prior to the move to discuss the details entailed and he assured me that his team would handle everything with great care. He also assured me that Captain Movers is reputable and have been doing this a long time. Even through the course of the meeting, he suggested ways to save money to help keep costs down during the move. He was also very realistic in giving an estimated time for moving my personal effects out of the home.

With that being said, on moving day, your staff was wonderful and went above and beyond to aid in the moving process. They gave their utmost respect and quickly expedited the move. Nothing was done without being discussed and all my items in the home were handled with great care.

Moving your personal effects is both a stressful and emotional thing. Naturally, you want to make sure that every item you own is not just dumped in a box and mishandled. Having the foreman overseeing the move assured me that the move will go off without a hitch and my personal effects will be fine. The foreman was very professional as well as the rest of the crew. Every person was very respectful and willing to get the job done.

Without any hesitation, I would strongly recommend using your company Captain Movers. If there’s a time when I have to move again, I would most certainly call you for your services.

- Jackie K.

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